The Deeptech Labs structured, 10-week programme is custom-built to reflect the needs of each cohort. It is made up of weekly Fireside Chats and in-depth Expert Sessions.

During each programme our entrepreneurs gain practical, deployable advice in one-to-one sessions with successful deeptech leaders and experts. These sessions, like all of our programming, are specifically designed to meet the needs of each cohort.

Deeptech Labs Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats are a Tuesday evening conversations where our cohort engages with deep technology entrepreneurs and leaders. These gather inspiring speakers to cover the real stories behind our weekly topics.

Deeptech Labs Expert Sessions

In these weekly Expert Sessions consisting of a panel and one-to-ones, cohort entrepreneurs can focus on their issues that are important to them with practical advice, lessons, and industry experience.

Demo Day

Our Demo Day at the close of the program connects startups with top investors and partners in the deeptech space.

Programme Timeline

Week TopicActivity
Week 1Programme Kick-off
Week 2Scale and AmbitionFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 3Milestones for Series AFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 4 Business Development and MarketingFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 5Product ManagementFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 6 Scaling your TeamFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 7Establishing your IP Strategy​Fireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 8 Considerations in Raising VCFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 9Refining the NarrativeFireside Chat / Expert Session
Week 10Demo Day