Deeptech Labs invests in post-Seed deeptech companies with an established technology, an extraordinary team, and strong initial traction. We help the entrepreneurs we invest in to prepare for their Series A, as they move from prototype and proof of concept to scalable products and services.


Deeptech Labs invests in early stage deep tech companies with an established technology, an extraordinary team, and strong initial traction. We help the entrepreneurs we invest in to prepare for their Series A, as they move from prototype and proof of concept to scalable products and services.


Revolutionising the robotics landscape by decoupling hardware and software. Enabling seamless, hardware-independent software solutions and collaboration

They are led by Nick Thompson

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Blue Skies Space

Developer of a scientific space data platform for research institutions worldwide that is able to launch and operate satellites quickly and frequently to serve this underserved market.

They are led by Marcell Tessenyi

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Mimicrete’s mission is to revolutionise the construction industry by reducing the environmental impact and maintenance costs of infrastructure through our cutting-edge self-healing concrete technology.

They are led by Arta Selmani

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Finchetto is developing a revolutionary fully-optical network switch to deliver faster, more sustainable networks. Improves switching speeds by 12x and decreases energy consumption by 90%

They are led by Mark Rushworth

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Evolutor uses their proprietary Accelerated Evolution Platform tech to generate microbial production hosts that are highly optimised for competitively-viable biomanufacturing

They are led by Joe Price

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Auxetec is developing, and commercialising novel auxetic polymer technology representing the ground-breaking discovery of the world's first synthetic, molecular, auxetic, Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCE).

They are led by Robert Gunn


MicroLub Ltd has developed a technology which enables the creation of sustainable ingredients to replicate the texture and mouthfeel of fat, but without the use of any lipids

They are led by David Peters

Exciting Instruments

Exciting Instruments is bringing the power of single-molecule sensitivity to thousands of academic, industrial, and hospital labs around the world.

They are led by Tim Craggs


Developer of graphene-enhanced cathode materials intended to enable fast charging, high-capacity energy storage for Automotive.

They are led by Joe Stevenson

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AutoFill's ambition is to become the go-to industry standard for fleet inspections, combining accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

They are led by Gideon Richheimer

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Barocal is a spin-out company of the University of Cambridge that is pioneering innovation in zero-carbon heating and cooling through new barocaloric materials.

They are led by Xavier Moya

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BKwai software platform monitors site's structural health using data from multiple sources.

They are led by Sakthy Selvakumaran

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Circuit Mind

Circuit Mind is on a mission to transform the way the world builds complex hardware, the company has developed Artificial Intelligent software that fully automates the design of electronic circuit boards.

They are led by Tomide Adesanmi

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Condense uses computer vision and machine learning to live broadcast volumetric (full 3D) video into game engines.

They are led by Robert Gunn

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Contilio is the world’s most powerful 3D AI platform that automatically provides actionable insights from 3D data captured for construction sites or operating assets.

They are led by Zara Riahi

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iKVA is a developer of an AI-powered knowledge management platform intended to discover and transform data into business insights.

They are led by Jon Horden

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Inovo Robotics

Inovo Robotics manufacture low-cost modular robotic arms designed to automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks in manufacturing and research applications.

They are led by Jonathan Cheng and Henry Wood

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Materials Nexus

Materials Nexus discover new sustainable materials using AI. Their platform searches for new elemental compositions for novel, advanced materials, designed for the net-zero transition, with improved performance and lower environmental cost.

They are led by Jonathan Bean

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Medwise is a digital health company building the search platform for medical professionals and healthcare organisations.

They are led by Dr. Keith Tsui

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Mindtech Global

Mindtech are building a platform that enables the creation of unlimited training data for AI vision systems.

They are led by Steve Harris

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Monumo is reinventing electric motors and generators. They run orders of magnitude more/faster simulations to enable them to design and optimise across the entire drive train or power generation system as opposed to looking at each of the component parts.

They are led by Dominic Vergine

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Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum is creating high-performance, quantum networking solutions that will predicate the future of quantum information processing.

They are led by Carmen Palacios-Berraquero

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Nestwave is a developer of a geolocation solution designed to improve location accuracy and reliability.

They are led by Ambroise Popper

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OctaiPipe is a cross-platform, end-to-end Edge AI platform optimised for creating, deploying, and managing machine learning solutions in industrial IoT environments.

They are led by Eric Topham

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Outfield is revolutionizing the global fruit sector with a precision orchard management system that provides growers with fruit counts and year-round variability maps.

They are led by Oli Hilbourne and Jim McDougall

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Perceptual Robotics

Perceptual Robotics is a developer of drone automation and computer vision company currently focus on wind turbine inspection.

They are led by Kostas Karachalios

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Pictura Bio

Pictura Bio is a rapid pathogen detection company, which combines the power of single-molecule fluorescent microscopy with machine learning to identify pathogens in under a minute. 

They are led by Alex Batchelor

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RoboK is a VC-backed Cambridge University spin-out building AI-based 3D computer vision algorithms optimized for low-power computing platforms.

They are led by Hao Zheng

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Salience Labs

Salience Labs is developing a next-generation computer chip for Artificial Intelligence using photonics (light) on-chip to gain a significant boost in performance.

They are led by Vaysh Kewada

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Small Robot Company

Using robotics and artificial intelligence, Small Robot Company has created an entirely new model for ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming. They call this Per Plant farming.

They are led by Ben Scot-Robinson

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Sonic Edge

Sonic Edge is a developer of an innovative, state-of-the-art speaker-in-chip technology designed to revolutionize the audio experience.

They are led by Dr Moti Margalit

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Synthara’s mission is to create a world of ubiquitous intelligence. They empower chip makers to revolutionise their ASIC platforms, making them an astounding 50 times more efficient.

They are led by Manu Nair

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Terasi produces precise and compact components for 6G, the next generation of wireless technology, using silicon micromachining.

They are led by James Campion

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Developer of 3D ultrasonic sensor systems designed to localize objects in real-time via the principle of echolocation, like the vision of bats.

They are led by Tobias Bahnemann

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WAKU Robotics

With WAKU Sense, the company offers a cloud-based SaaS solution that connects robots from different vendors in warehouse and production environments.

They are led by Sander Nijssen and Victor Splittgerber

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Wave Photonics

Wave Photonics is using a computational approach to photonics design to build a platform for integrated photonics to enable chip designers to rapidly develop their products without expensive, iterative development cycles.

They are led by James Lee

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Xapien is an AI driven online platform that delivers comprehensive background reports on any individual or organisation.

They are led by Chris Green

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Cavero Quantum

Cavero has developed a Quantum secure, frictionless, key creation and authentication that combines the benefits of traditional cryptography with added quantum protection in key creation and authentication.

They are led by James Trenholme