Deeptech Labs Forum Days bring the wider community and our entrepreneurs together for in-depth feedback every month. In between these, weekly Fireside Chats and Expert Sessions dive deeply into our topics with high-profile deeptech leaders. Programming runs annually from March-June and September-December.

Cohorts run 13 weeks, from March-June and September-December.

Week Topic Activity
Week 1 Forum One
Week 2 Scale and Ambition Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 3 Standing Out Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 4 Metrics, Milestones and Planning Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 5 Forum Two
Week 6 Marketing and Product Management Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 7 Sales and Business Development Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 8 Fundraising Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 9 Forum Three
Week 10 High Performance Organisations Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 11 Product Development and AI Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 12 Intellectual Property Fireside Chat / Workshop
Week 13 Demo Day

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Deeptech Labs Forums

Forum Days run monthly throughout the course of our programme. These half-day sessions bring our full community together to interact with the cohort, exposing them to information, perspective, and advice from a variety of perspectives.

Deeptech Labs Fireside Chats

In between Forums, our cohort engages with deep technology entrepreneurs and leaders during intimate evening conversations called Fireside Chats. These gather inspiring speakers to cover the real stories behind our weekly topics.

Deeptech Labs Expert Sessions

Weekly Expert Sessions consisting of a panel, a workshop, and one-to-ones also take place in between Forums. In these, cohort entrepreneurs can focus on their issues that are important to them with practical advice, lessons, and industry experience.

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