Deeptech Labs invests in post-Seed deeptech companies with an established technology, an extraordinary team, and strong initial traction. We help the entrepreneurs we invest in to prepare for their Series A, as they move from prototype and proof of concept to scalable products and services.


Deeptech Labs invests in post-Seed deeptech companies with an established technology, an extraordinary team, and strong initial traction. We help the entrepreneurs we invest in to prepare for their Series A, as they move from prototype and proof of concept to scalable products and services.

Autumn 2022 is a digital health company building the search platform for medical professionals and healthcare organisations. Medwise can pull from multiple data sources and can be customised for different customers and medical systems. Healthcare organisations can customise and control what information sources are included on the platform deployed in their organization.

Perceptual Robotics

Perceptual Robotics is a developer of drone automation and computer vision company currently focus on wind turbine inspection. Utilizing an intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Perceptual Robotics provides existing inspection engineers with a new, cost-effective inspection tool that increases number of inspections, and quality, whilst minimising health and safety risks.

Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company is an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: small robots not big tractors. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, the company’s system provides crop and soil monitoring, suggests the fertilizer and chemicals needed to maximize crop productivity, offers precision feeding and weeding by saving chemicals and wildlife, and facilitates drilling, planting, and pre-mapping of plants, enabling farmers to make farming profitable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

WAKU Robotics

WAKU Robotics is your expert along the robot automation journey in logistics. With WAKU Sense, the company offers a cloud-based SaaS solution that connects robots from different vendors in warehouse and production environments. WAKU Sense analyzes and controls mobile robots to ensure robot interoperability. With over 300 robots on, the company also provides the largest comparison website for mobile industrial robots.


Xapien is an AI driven online platform that delivers comprehensive background reports on any individual or organisation. It utilises simple-to-use technology that finds, reads and extracts meaningful insights from structured and unstructured data. Identity-resolution and neural profiling engines filter and match data.

Spring 2022


SonicEdge is making a game changing speaker for the audio market. Power by a disruptive sound from ultrasound technology they are enabling a solid state speaker. Initially focused on the 1B unit earphone market and then expanding to AR/VR, mobile and general audio applications.


Nestwave delivers the smallest, lowest power and most cost-effective geolocation solutions. Our innovative NestCore™ IP and NestCloud™ cloud services meet the needs of chipmakers, module makers and businesses looking to integrate accurate indoor and outdoor geolocation into their products and services using the minimum of components.

Inovo Robotics

Inovo Robotics manufacture low-cost modular robotic arms designed to automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks in manufacturing and research applications. The company’s robotic arms integrate with a set of modular components to easily configure a robot for initial application. This also allows them to be rapidly reconfigured for multiple different applications, enabling manufacturing, research and education industries to simply the repetitive, hazardous, or precise tasks and reduce the cost of production.


Toposens is a sensor company from Munich providing robust, ultra-low power and low-cost 3D sensors for robots and autonomous vehicles to enterprises. We developed the world´s first 3D sensor working with ultrasound, so we can see like bats with technology, and enable precise 3D detection of objects in real-time through powerful algorithms and standard hardware.


iKVA is a developer of AI-powered knowledge management platform intended to discover and transform data into business insights. The company uses machine learning, NLP, and semantic technology to index unstructured data from almost any source including document archives, email, chat, and video, enabling businesses to reduce the time spent looking for information and reduce risk by ensuring the right information is available.


Anaphite develops graphene-enhanced cathode materials designed for next generation higher performance batteries that can be produced at a lower cost. Its nanomaterials are made by incorporating graphene through inexpensive and scalable processes.

Autumn 2021

Outfield Technologies

Outfield Technologies is helping fruit growers worldwide to be more productive, more sustainable and more profitable. Based in Cambridge, UK, Outfield has developed amazing machine learning systems to analyse fruit Orchards, improving management to make more fruit, using less inputs, and prime the whole supply chain with accurate yield estimates. Growers in four continents are deploying low cost, off-the-shelf drones to quickly survey orchards and become world class producers.
Oli Hilbourne, Founder
Jim McDougall, Commercial Director


RoboK are a VC-backed Cambridge University spin-out building AI-based 3D computer vision algorithms optimised for low-power computing platforms. Making vehicles, cameras and machines smarter, safer and more cost-effective. Our vision is to accelerate the development and deployment of embedded AI-based solutions, delivering safety for all.
Hao Zheng, Co Founder
Liangchuan Gu, Co Founder & VP Engineering

Salience Labs

Salience Labs is developing a next generation computer chip for Artificial Intelligence. We use photonics (light) on chip to gain a significant boost in performance.
Vaysh Kewada, CEO

Condense Reality

Condense Reality uses computer vision and machine learning to live broadcast volumetric video into game engines. This allows partners in sport and entertainment to hold live concerts and sporting events inside any game, VR or AR application created using Unity or Unreal Engine.
Nick Fellingham, CEO

Spring 2021


Autofill are building the most advanced tool for daily vehicle inspection reports, modernizing existing workflows through precise automation. They are led by Gideon Richheimer, Luc Demarteau, and Stefan Verhoeven.


BKwai are building a platform to deliver insights to engineers in the construction industry using world-class research and applied technology to support a more resilient build environment. They are led by Sakthy Selvakumaran, Sonja Abhyankar, and Stephen Beaven.

Circuit Mind

Circuit Mind are building an intelligent platform that enables engineers to design reliable, error-free, electronic circuit systems in minutes, by harnessing the power of AI, high performance computing and collaboration. They are led by Tomide Adesanmi and Basilio Gentile.


Contilio are building a 3D AI analytics platform that for the first time enables the construction industry to understand, predict and deliver complex construction projects cheaper, faster, and more sustainably. They are led by Zara Riahi and Andreas Glatz.


Mindtech are building a platform that allows you to create unlimited training data for AI vision systems, getting customers to market faster, at a lower cost, with a product that produces more accurate results. They are led by Steve Harris.

“We found an amazing scaling partner in Deeptech Labs. They understand deeptech and have access to the best advisers, investors, and global operators - the people who have been in the trenches.”

Zara Riahi

Founder, Contilio (Spring 21 Cohort)