Alongside us in our community are experts and leaders in the strategy, knowledge, and action that is needed to help our cohort develop and succeed.

We believe those that lead entrepreneurial endeavours are the ones who have the responsibility to discover what is right for their companies. We can offer these leaders suggestions and thoughts, but ultimately they need to decide.

Deeptech Labs is the catalyst and curator of our community, but we are also participants and students of it. Our ambition is to bring together a community of peers to share the collective wealth of knowledge and experience to enable the development of us all.

With our members we aim to build a community,


where we give without expecting to receive


where trust and kindness are embodied in every interaction


where conversations can be honest and direct with both grace and respect


where feedback and suggestions are offered to be both helpful and be actionable


and where feedback is received with gratitude and appreciation, whether or not it is accepted


and where different perspectives and experiences can be listened to, included, and considered without fear of intolerance or judgement.

These things are not always easy. We will not be perfect. But we ask those who join us to strive for them, holding us and each other accountable in success and failure.