The catalyst for deeptech success

Deeptech Labs is a VC fund, accelerator, and the catalyst for deeptech success

Twice a year, our cohort of startups are embedded in a powerful network of successful entrepreneurs, expert practitioners, leading researchers, and deeptech organisations worldwide.

Having a new technology at the heart of a business isn’t just an extra work stream, it fundamentally changes the nature of the challenge. It’s not just a startup + tech, it’s a technology startup. Cambridge is Europe’s leading technology cluster for these startups and has been a leading source of technological understanding and commercialisation as far back as Babbage and Lovelace.

Many technologies fail to be widely deployed due to strategically ill-judged early decisions. Deeptech Labs offers startups with these technologies access to expert practitioners who have successfully trodden the path.

£100k-£350k investment

Twice a year Deeptech Labs invest between £100k to £350k in a small number of deeptech post-Seed startups. Then we work intensively with them in a structured, three-month programme, which ends in a Demo Day.

50+ deeptech leaders

We work with an elite community of leaders who have built and scaled deep technology companies to develop our cohort’s networks.

30 events

Our programme consists of intimate Fireside Chats and in-depth Expert Sessions. Our entrepreneurs and network have numerous opportunities to interact about their business and the challenges they face.


Founded by leading institutions at the heart of the Cambridge ecosystem.


For early-seed and late-seed startups with established technology and an early team, we offer a significant seed investment and a 3 month program of intense, customised support and follow-on investment at Series A.


Expert mentors, leading researchers, industry partners and serial entrepreneurs deepen our cohort’s commercial and technological strengths.


Our Demo Day at the close of the program connects startups with top investors and partners in the deeptech space.

“We help deeptech startups to build the next generation of world-leading companies.”

Miles Kirby

CEO, Deeptech Labs

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